The 6.4L Powerstroke engine is used in the 2008 to 2010 Super Duty trucks. The majority of the repairs / failures of this engine are associated with the emissions system.


Fuel gets into the oil when the vehicle goes into the regeneration mode, fuel is injected into the rear cylinders during the exhaust stroke this done to clean the DPF (diesel particulate filter) this causes the DPF to incinerate the accumulated soot. Unfortunately, some fuel slips past the piston rings (about 1qt every 1000 miles) and enters the crankcase, since FUEL is not a lubricant you can expect premature bearing and bottom end wear / damage.

To help avoid this change the oil every 5000 miles. Catastrophic engine failure can and will occur if the crankcase is allowed to over fill. Don't expect your 6.4L to last more than 150-160K miles. Consider yourself lucky if you've exceeded that. The cost to replace the engine is about $18K.


Early build trucks have issues with radiator failures, this is caused by a hyper extension of the bypass thermostat. Another issue is leaking hoses, Ford has an updated set of hoses to fix this issue.


We have found that the exhaust manifolds leak at the #8 & #7 cylinders this is due to the exhaust bolts breaking off in the head. (our theory on this is that the #7 & #8 get the most heat due to the regeneration cycle and the swelling of the manifold causes the bolts to snap off) The cab must be removed to fix this problem and in some causes the head will need to come off to extract the broken bolt(s). Expect a repair bill to cost thousands of dollars.


When the DPF gets restricted to the point that it can no longer clean itself it will need to be replaced, this will cost around $2800. Expect to replace the DPF around 100-120k miles, If the DPF is not lasting at least 80k miles then there might be an issue somewhere else = over fueling injectors // city driving, short trips // stuck open thermostats.
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